What Nursing Students Need to Know about the New NCLEX?

What Nursing Students Need to Know about the New NCLEX?

What is NCLEX?

NCLEX stands for the national council licensure examination. It has been a nationwide examination for the licensing of nurses in the United States, Canada, and Australia since 1982, 2025, and 2020 respectively. There are two types of NCLEX, NCLEX- RN and NCLEX- PN.

NCLEX is a test that a nurse must take to prove that he or she is competent enough to work professionally. This test grants the license to practice professionally in different countries like Canada, the USA, Australia, and anywhere else where NCLEX is accepted. It is a high-level examination that tests major concepts of nursing to evaluate the nurses for the start of their profession. 

The NCLEX EXAM pattern is designed in such a way that each answer a nurse enters, the computer sends next question according to the answer of previous question. This exam consists of multiple types of questions, including the fill in the blanks, drag and drop, and got spots questions may also be included. The number of questions included in the NCLEX test would lie between 75 and 145. No more, no less.

Who should take the NCLEX test?

The nurses who want to practice professionally have to pass this NCLEX test. The two different forms of NCLEX depend on the qualification of the nurses. The nurses who have done their diploma in nursing can take the NCLEX-PN test. On the other hand, candidates with bachelor’s degrees in Nursing who want to become registered nurses can take the NCLEX-RN test.

What Nursing students Need to know about NCLEX?

  • NCLEX, also known as the National Council Licensure Examination, is a standardized test for all nurses who want to become professional nurses in a reputed hospital. 
  • There are two types of NCLEX exams,  NCLEX-RN and NCLEX -PN. 
  • NCLEX- PN: This test is obligatory for all those nurses who want to be practical or vocational.
  • NCLEX-RN: This type of test is essential for registered nurses with additional education and great responsibility.

Important steps for nurses to take NCLEX and get licensed

1) completion of the particular nursing program 

2) apply for the license with your state board

3) Register for the NCLEX exam that you want to take.

4) take and pass the NCLEX.

5) complete any additional state requirements and get your license of NCLEX. 

Comparison of NCLEX- PN and NCLEX- RN

NCLEX- PN and NCLEX-RN both are licensing exams for nurses who want to become professional nurses. But there are some critical differences between the two courses. For example, there is a high scope of practicing nursing in NUCLEX-RN. It is because it covers the topics of parental nutrition and also tells us about blood and its products. On the other hand, NCLEX-PN does not include these topics.

NCLEX Exam Pattern

NCLEX exam comes with three important levels. These levels test the analysis and application skill of the students, their aptitude, and also their understanding and knowledge. 

The following processes are included in the NCLEX exam.

1)Nursing process

2) Caring

3)Teaching and learning

4)Culture and spirituality

5)Communication and documentation.

What are NCLEX Requirements?

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing has developed and owns the examinations. It is a wise decision for those who enter this healthcare field and want to become a nurse. Nurses have the opportunity to make a big difference in the lives of their patients. Today our society is in dire need of professional and qualified nurses to help patients worldwide. 

Nowadays, students who want to become nurses can get a nursing degree from various educational institutions around the world. Getting a degree from a reputed institute and the missing license is essential to become a professional nurse and earning a handsome amount. 

Some companies and hospitals hire nurses without a nursing license, but most will ask about nursing licenses. The fastest way to get a reputable job in nursing is to get a license in nursing. There are many resources to help out nurses to pass the NCLEX examination easily.

Nursing professionals must complete their nursing programs before giving NCLEX test. Each country has its requirements for the test, so the nurses must meet these requirements to sit for the exam. Sometimes the nurses also need to have an experience of two years and also an experience of extra clinical hours to sit in the exam. 

The candidate for the test also needs to get permission from the State Board of Nursing. The nurses must present a certificate of identification on the day of the test to prove their identity. The nurses must also take an English proficiency test before sitting in the exam. 

Categories and Sub-Topics of NCLEX Exams

The NCLEX exams are divided into four major parts: providing a safe environment, health maintenance and promotion, psychosocial integrity, and physiological integrity. 

These major categories are further divided into sub-topics. For example, the safe and effective category is further divided into the category of rights and responsibilities. The NCLEX  follows a variable question format. The computer adapts the questions according to the performance of the test takers. The test contains questions from 74- 145 questions. 

The questions are given in different formats. Some questions are in the format of multiple choice questions, while the others may be in the form of fill-in-the-blanks. About 80 to 90% of questions are in the format of multiple choice questions. The candidate stops reviewing the questions when the computer analysis 95% surety that the test taker has passed or failed the exam. One thing that must be kept in mind is that the test length would never indicate the likelihood of pass or fail results.

Verification of the candidates of NCLEX by the state

The candidates must first apply the proper nursing criteria from their state boards to register for the NCLEX. As each state sets its standards, every candidate should check the criteria before applying for the exam. The candidates must take the NCLEX exam within one year after getting registered for the exam. Test takers have to pay a $ 200 fee to take in NCLEX Exam, which they can pay online or on the phone.

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