If you’re a student then you know how difficult it is to manage your academics while making sure you have the right resources on your hands. Finding the right resources for yourself is something of a struggle because there are so many things that you will need to study from in order to learn new things and ultimately write your exam. However, two essential resources are going to help you a lot.

This help isn’t doesn’t limit you to a specific time period or a level of education. This is because these two resources are present in significant quantities regardless of the subject that you’re studying. But don’t get us wrong, these two resources are a massive help. The resources that we’re talking about are test banks and solution manuals. We shall tell you about both of these things in the next section.

Test Bank

A test bank is exactly what the name suggests it is. It is a collection of questions about a specific subject. It could be any subject at any level of education. For instance, let us consider that you’re doing a degree in Biotechnology and one of the courses present in this degree is Biochemistry. Now to solve questions related to your course, you will need a compilation of questions related to your course.

This is where test banks step in. Although test banks can be used to answer questions generally, they are called test banks is because most students use this resource before a quiz, test, or exam that they have coming up. Hence the name of this resource.

Test banks have proven to be a highly reliable resource for students in every field. This series of questions present in the form of a book is super helpful for students who don’t have to go around searching for questions. This includes searching for relevant questions from books as well as on the internet. This is how easy test banks have managed to make things for students.

However, one question does arise in this case: How do we know that we’re answering questions in a test bank correctly? This is where a solution manual steps in.

Solution Manual 

Solution manuals are resources that usually come along with the test bank. The answers to the questions in a test bank are given in a solution manual. Students can use this to check their answers. The reason a solution manual is referred to by students is to check if they’re answering the question correctly or not.

Another good thing about solution manuals is that along with the answer, these manuals contain complete solutions. If you’re solving a math problem from the test bank then the solution manual is going to have the entire solution in it with each and every step given in detail.

The reason for this is that some questions require you to perform the steps as well. This is so you can again check from the solution manual for the right answer.

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