Test Bank Psychology Applied to Modern Life 11th Edition Weiten Dunn Hammer

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Author: WEITEN W.

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Test Bank Psychology Applied to Modern Life 11th Edition Weiten Dunn Hammer

Table of Content

About the Authors
To the Instructor
Brief Contents
To the Student
Ch 1: Adjusting to Modern Life
The Paradox of Progress
The Search for Direction
The Psychology of Adjustment
The Scientific Approach to Behavior
The Roots of Happiness: An Empirical Analysis
Application: Improving Academic Performance
Chapter 1: Review
Chapter 1: Practice Test
Ch 2: Theories of Personality
The Nature of Personality
Psychodynamic Perspectives
Behavioral Perspectives
Humanistic Perspectives
Biological Perspectives
Contemporary Empirical Approaches to Personality
Culture and Personality
Application: Assessing Your Personality
Chapter 2: Review
Chapter 2: Practice Test
Ch 3: Stress and Its Effects
The Nature of Stress
Major Sources of Stress
Responding to Stress
The Potential Effects of Stress
Factors Influencing Stress Tolerance
Application: Reducing Stress through Self-Control
Chapter 3: Review
Chapter 3: Practice Test
Ch 4: Coping Processes
The Concept of Coping
Common Coping Patterns of Limited Value
The Nature of Constructive Coping
Appraisal-Focused Constructive Coping
Problem-Focused Constructive Coping
Emotion-Focused Constructive Coping
Application: Using Time More Effectively
Chapter 4: Review
Chapter 4: Practice Test
Ch 5: Psychology and Physical Health
Stress, Personality, and Illness
Habits, Lifestyles, and Health
Reactions to Illness
Application: Understanding the Effects of Drugs
Chapter 5: Review
Chapter 5: Practice Test
Ch 6: The Self
Basic Principles of Self-Perception
Application: Building Self-Esteem
Chapter 6: Review
Chapter 6: Practice Test
Ch 7: Social Thinking and Social Influence
Forming Impressions of Others
The Problem of Prejudice
The Power of Persuasion
The Power of Social Pressure
Application: Seeing through Compliance Tactics
Chapter 7: Review
Chapter 7: Practice Test
Ch 8: Interpersonal Communication
The Process of Interpersonal Communication
Nonverbal Communication
Toward More Effective Communication
Communication Problems
Interpersonal Conflict
Application: Developing an Assertive Communication Style
Chapter 8: Review
Chapter 8: Practice Test
Ch 9: Friendship and Love
The Ingredients of Close Relationships
Relationship Development
Romantic Love
The Internet and Relationships
Application: Overcoming Loneliness
Chapter 9: Review
Chapter 9: Practice Test
Ch 10: Marriage and Intimate Relationships
Challenges to the Traditional Model of Marriage
Deciding to Marry
Marital Adjustment across the Family Life Cycle
Vulnerable Areas in Marital Adjustment
Divorce and Its Aftermath
Alternative Relationship Lifestyles
Application: Understanding Intimate Partner Violence
Chapter 10: Review
Chapter 10: Practice Test
Ch 11: Gender and Behavior
Gender Stereotypes
Gender Similarities and Differences
Biological Origins of Gender Differences
Environmental Origins of Gender Differences
Gender-Role Expectations
Gender in the Past and in the Future
Application: Understanding Mixed-Gender Communication
Chapter 11: Review
Chapter 11: Practice Test
Ch 12: Development and Expression of Sexuality
Becoming a Sexual Person
Interaction in Sexual Relationships
The Human Sexual Response
Sexual Expression
Patterns of Sexual Behavior
Practical Issues in Sexual Activity
Application: Enhancing Sexual Relationships
Chapter 12: Review
Chapter 12: Practice Test
Ch 13: Careers and Work
Choosing a Career
Models of Career Choice and Development
The Changing World of Work
Coping with Occupational Hazards
Balancing Work and Other Spheres of Life
Application: Getting Ahead in the Job Game
Chapter 13: Review
Chapter 13: Practice Test
Ch 14: Psychological Disorders
Abnormal Behavior: General Concepts
Anxiety Disorders and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Dissociative Disorders
Depression and Bipolar Disorder
Schizophrenic Disorders
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Application: Understanding Eating Disorders
Chapter 14: Review
Chapter 14: Practice Test
Ch 15: Psychotherapy
Elements of the Treatment Process
Insight Therapies
Behavior Therapies
Biomedical Therapies
Current Trends in Treatment
Application: Looking for a Therapist
Chapter 15: Review
Chapter 15: Practice Test
Ch 16: Positive Psychology
The Scope of Positive Psychology
Positive Subjective Experiences
Positive Individual Traits
Positive Institutions
Positive Psychology: Problems and Prospects
Application: Boosting Your Own Happiness
Chapter 16: Review
Chapter 16: Practice Test
Appendix: Psychology and Environmental Sustainability: What’s Good for the Earth is Good for Us
Name Index
Subject Index
Personal Explorations Workbook
Personal Explorations Workbook Contents


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