Pediatric Skills Occupational Therapy 3rd Edition by Solomon OBrien – Test Bank

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ISBN-10: 0323059104 ISBN-13: 978-0323059107
Publisher ‏ : ‎ Mosby; 3rd edition
Authors: Jean W. Solomon MHS OTR/L,
Jane Clifford O’Brien Ph.D. OTR/L

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Pediatric Skills Occupational Therapy 3rd Edition by Solomon OBrien – Test Bank

Solomon: Pediatric Skills for Occupational Therapy Assistants, 3rd Edition

Chapter 02: Family System

Test Bank


1. On what does the success of home-based intervention with children with disabilities most depend?

a. The conceptual framework guiding the intervention

b. The degree to which the intervention is supported by research

c. The extent to which the family is involved in its design and implementation

d. The skill of the practitioner in implementing therapy activities with children


2. Which statement best describes a family-centered approach to intervention?

a. Families are told to put their children in the hands of specialists who will design and implement therapy.

b. Families receive special training and instruction about disabilities.

c. Practitioners develop intervention plans in collaboration with families.

d. Practitioners tell families how to treat and educate their children.


3. Which statement is true concerning working with families according to family systems theory?

a. Families with children with disabilities have lots of problems and cannot rely on their instincts and natural abilities to parent their children.

b. The practitioner is always right when there is a disagreement with the family.

c. There is always one correct way or set of procedures that work with all families.

d. None of the above is true.


4. Which life cycle event(s) is(are) considered normal for families with children?

a. Child entering puberty

b. Child having frequent hospitalizations

c. Child’s school entry

d. Both A and C

e. All of the above


5. Which factor allows you to predict how a family will adapt to a crisis?

a. Cannot necessarily predict adaptation

b. Income level

c. Past experience with crises

d. Marital status


6. What is meant by reframing as a perceptual coping strategy?

a. Giving up and asking someone else to take charge

b. Ignoring a problem

c. Redefining a problem so that there are parts of the problem that can be managed and dealt with

d. Taking up a hobby such as picture framing


7. What is meant by solution-focused curiosity?

a. Analyzing family records and documents to assess family needs

b. Finding out as much about a family as possible, even if it means asking personal questions

c. Sharing information with your colleagues about family problems you encounter in practice

d. Showing nonjudgmental interest in families as a way of developing solutions to challenges


8. What is the best approach if a family consistently misses therapy appointments?

a. Give up because the family does not care about the child and does not understand the value of therapy.

b. Keep the therapy goals and continue to make appointments in hopes that the family will cooperate.

c. Report the family to the proper authorities to be investigated for negligence.

d. Reestablish the goals of therapy with family.


9. What is an important message to convey to families when first meeting them?

a. Demonstrate an interest in their child and respect for what the family is doing to support and parent their children.

b. Professionals have all of the answers.

c. The road ahead with a child with disabilities will be hard.

d. Therapy is the single most important activity in their child’s life.


10. Which general systems theory principle refers to the capacity for change?

a. Equifinality

b. Morphogenetic

c. Morphostatic

d. Volition



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