Test Bank for Dental Public Health Contemporary Practice For The Dental Hygienist 2nd Edition Nathe


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Test Bank for Dental Public Health Contemporary Practice For The Dental Hygienist 2nd Edition Nathe

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

  1. 1)  Fones believed that the dental hygienist could best serve society by practicing A) in the dental hygiene school clinicB) in the private sector
    C) outside the dental practice, in non-dental settings D) restorative dentistry in school clinics
    E) none of the aboveAnswer: C
  2. 2)  When fulfilling the administrator role, a dental public health hygienist A) provides clinical careB) lobbies to change laws
    C) educates and promotes dental health
    D) develops and coordinates public health programs E) conducts researchAnswer: D
  3. 3)  In 1917, dental hygiene students at Fones School provided dental hygiene care to which unique target population?A) dental students B) military soldiers C) school nursesD) school teachers E) None of the aboveAnswer: B
  4. 4)  The first constituent dental hygiene association was started in A) New MexicoB) Massachusetts C) Cleveland
    D) Connecticut E) HartfordAnswer: D
  5. 5)  Water fluoridation is especially beneficial for which target population? A) federal inmatesB) the elderly
    C) those of low socioeconomic levels
    D) military personnel
    E) those with minor periodontal problemsAnswer: C


  1. 6)  The only valid opposition ever utilized in relation to fluoridating public water supplies was A) Communist plotB) abuse of police power
    C) forced medicine
    D) violation of personal freedom E) cause of AIDSAnswer: D
  2. 7)  One mission of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association is to A) improve the public’s total healthB) monitor over-the-counter dental products
    C) increase the membership to include the entire dental team D) expand member benefits to the entire dental teamAnswer: A
  3. 8)  Mass education products developed by dental supply companies should be critiqued by the dental hygienist before distribution to ensureA) that the product does not violate personal freedom
    B) teaching effectiveness
    C) that the product promotes the dental supply companyD) scientific accuracy E) None of the aboveAnswer: D
  4. 9)  Xylitol decreases dental decay
    A) because bacteria are killed by the Xylitol byproductsB) because bacteria do not adsorb well on the tooth surface C) by strengthening enamel
    D) by strengthening dentin
    E) by increasing demineralizationAnswer: B
  5. 10)  Fones believed that the dental hygienist could practice as an outreach worker with emphasis on A) oral hygiene instructionB) scaling and polishing
    C) mass pediatric prevention
    D) fluoride applications
    E) the Fones toothbrushing techniqueAnswer: C
  6. 11)  Dental hygienists should work with which target population when aiming community promotional activities at the importance of a healthy diet in oral health?A) teachers B) nurses C) dieticians D) physicians E) dentists Answer: C


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