1) What is a test bank?

A test bank is a collection of questions that help students to score better in their quizzes and exams.

2) What type of question can be seen in a test bank?

There are short questions, detailed questions, best choice questions, and diagrammatical questions in a test bank.

3) Is using a test bank considered cheating?

No! Using a test bank sincerely doesn’t mean that you are cheating because it is only meant to benefit you.

4) Will I see the same questions in my actual test?

If your instructor makes use of the same test bank which you’re preparing from then there is a good chance that question might come in your test.

5) Does the content of the test bank varies from one edition to another?

The content of the test bank doesn’t really vary that much except that there is an addition of questions in the newer editions.

6) How many questions can I expect to see in each chapter?

You can expect to see more than a hundred questions in each chapter.

7) Can I see a sample?

Yes, you can definitely see a sample of a test bank.

8) If I don’t see test bank questions in my exam can I ask for a refund?

A refund is not applicable in this case if the questions don’t appear in your exam. A test bank is only meant for preparation purposes.

9) What is the difference between a test bank and a solutions manual?

A test bank contains questions whereas a solutions manual contains answers.

10) In what format test banks and solution manuals are provided?

Test banks and solution manuals are provided in PDF form.

11) How do you accept payments?

You can pay with a Credit Debit Card, Paypal, Bitcoin.

12) How long does it take to receive the files after the payment is sent?

After Successful Payment, you will receive the file Instant Via Email.

13) What software or programs are required to be able to use/read the test banks/solution manuals?

You will receive the PDF on your registered email id. If the size is big, you will get a download link.

14) What is the price of TB or SM?

Price is Not fixed But its Start from 15$ to 20$

15) Do you offer discounts if I buy more than one file?

Yes on bulk you will get an amazing Offer

17) Do test banks come with answers?

Yes With answer

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