While pursuing a particular career, students might encounter ambiguity regarding their exam content, pattern, and structure. Test banks are a compilation of questions from past semesters to give our readers an overview. When students get their exam papers back or leave class with them, some put the questions from these tests into a database for future students of the same subject area. 

Moreover, the test bank will speed up the preparation experience, and with the additional notes, students will be able to understand the answers with better clarity!

Most students create and use test banks to study for exams, and they can be valuable because they help students know what to look for, which reduces student anxiety, but the debate is over the ethics of using test banks. Generally, the following kinds of questions come to one’s mind.

What is a Test Bank?

Test Bank is a testing resource that has the option of personalization and customization for the professors and lecturers to teach the students and prepare them for the tests. It is usually a ready-made electronic medium designed for students. It is generally curated by the OUP authors and is traditionally created for a textbook. 

To illustrate, there are separate test banks for a specific textbook. In addition, most test banks are also there with students’ feedback regarding the book’s references. A test bank is undoubtedly a reliable source that helps you prepare for your tests.

What is the solution manual?

A solution manual is the answer key for all the questions in test banks. In most cases, it is added to the end of a test bank that helps the students check if the answers are correct. In addition, the solution manuals have the right answers and have numerous explanations and concepts to write out that help students understand the reason behind any individual responses. 

What is the refund policy?

All the products are digital downloads and yet never refunded. However, we have sufficient checkpoints to ensure that you can purchase the authentic product. If you encounter any problem with the file or want to cancel the order, contact us via email and live chat.

How and When will I get it?

As soon as you complete the payment procedure, you will land on an instant download page and you will get a download link on your email. There is zero waiting time. Further, you can click the link by opening an email and clicking the download button.

Are our test banks anonymous?

No, but students need special access to the relevant materials. However, students have accessed the test banks. The students can now access these test banks anonymously and quickly read the test questions. On the other hand, if you wonder about the author, it is available on these test banks. 

Is it illegal to use the test banks?

The test banks are a compilation of the test questions and exam questions that the professors have asked from the past semesters. The students can use these past exams and tests if the teaching faculty allows them to use them. On the other hand, it is a violation by the faculty member who forbids the students from using these test banks, and they still use them. 

Secondly, the professors will ask the students to use a test bank written by them, and disciplinary action will be taken against the professors. On the contrary, students can use the test banks if the professors allow it without any repercussions. 

How do I purchase it?

Add a product to your cart and click to buy now, check out, and securely pay using Coin base or your credit/debit card.

Do test banks change with edition?

It’s common for students to ask if the test banks have different editions. There are no significant differences in various editions of the test bank as there are no substantial changes in the test book (the test banks are based on the book). There are no significant changes in different editions.  

The authors update or change the questions from the previous editions. It’s almost impossible to create an entirely new test bank for every book’s latest edition. 

What is a test bank referring to in a book?

These test banks are according to the textbooks. To illustrate, the textbook’s contents are used for creating the test bank. So, there is a test bank available for the books, but it also depends on the subject. For instance, the professional topics have test banks on different textbooks and their respective editions. 

Is using a test bank considered cheating?

The Test Banks are not cheating because it’s a preparation platform for the students. This means that every student can access them to prepare for their exams and tests, and there is no favoritism in them. For this reason, the students can use them to prepare for the exams. 

On the other hand, it is a dishonest act for teachers to recommend a test bank because the same teacher usually makes it. It will punish other students who do not have them. 

Will Actual Test include the same questions?

We can see the same questions in the test, but we don’t guarantee it. We are responsible only for providing you with authentic questions specifically for your textbook. If you purchase the test bank just hoping that you will see the exact questions in your actual exam, save your money and don’t buy it. Our target to provide test banks is different.

What type of questions can be seen in them?

The test banks are usually textbook-based, so it depends on the content on which questions will appear in the test banks. Mostly, the test banks have MCQs, true and false, and fill-in-the-blanks questions. However, some theoretical subjects, including essay questions and short questions. 

Final verdict

In today’s world, the competition is getting tough. Students are active and excel in almost every field of life. They want to learn from various platforms to be capable as soon as possible. For this test, banks provide an opportunity for students from every field to understand more than reading the books as it will be more helpful and practically easy for them. 

Frequently Ask Questions FAQs

  1. Q) How many questions are in a test bank?
  2. A) Test bank contains 75 questions out of 270 questions. Students must pass the test when they have answered questions correctly to stay above the 95%of the level. 
  3. Q) Can the quizzes be downloaded?
  4. A) Yes, the quizzes can be downloaded and saved on your mobile phones, laptops, and computers. You can attempt them while you are offline as well. 

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