17 Qualities that Make a Good Nurse

17 Qualities that Make a Good Nurse

While considering the best career options, future healthcare experts can gain some deep insight into how they will exactly fit into the given role by efficiently taking an honest look at themselves, their character, as well as, personality traits. Unlike many other professionals, nursing takes a particular type of person who mainly exhibits a caring nature for people.

Nurses always need to resolve to take strong action to relieve the pain of others, & the understanding to put themselves in their coworkers’ and patients’ shoes to reach better patient results. With an estimated RNs of 2.86 million in the U.S., it is really beneficial to consider the top-notch qualities of a good nurse that’ll assist them in navigating & thriving in the everchanging and fast-paced landscape successfully. 

Let’s start with the high-end qualities that must be there in a good nurse.

Qualities Of A Good Nurse – Top Considerations

1. Empathy

Even if you have everything perfect, anyone lacking in empathy can absolutely find nursing to be a highly challenging field. Good nurses are among the most compassionate & take pride in offering comfort. Anyhow, nurses have also reported that it can lead to what’s known as the fatigue of compassion.

2. An Attitude of Advocacy

Advocacy is the kind act of showing support to people. It is vital in nursing to provide quality patient care and maintain the best Nursing Practices. Also, when nurses become super active in advocacy for their patients, they boost their career in nursing & elevate patient care. 

3. Compassion

Compassion is one of the necessary qualities of a good nurse, as it highly inspires action. It is cognitive comprehension of how other people feel & is driven smoothly by the desire to assist in easing the suffering and pain of others.

4. Emotional Stability

Nurses are always at the healthcare forefront & should exhibit a high level of emotional stability to remain active and effective at their job tasks. Although some of the situations that come through are totally heartbreaking to people around them, nurses must be able to see these cases objectively.

5. Action-oriented

Depending on the healthcare facility department in which you are currently working, nurses might be more active compared to other departments. It is imperative to your huge success as a nurse that you perfectly maintain the action-oriented approach without any laziness.

6. Clinical Reasoning

Clinical reasoning demonstrates consistent learning. It is the procedure in which nurses observe the patients, efficiently process the information they receive, implement interventions, & evaluate results. It is really instrumental in making nice, timely decisions for the best patient care.

7. Respect

You will go much farther in every field of life if you treat everyone with the respect and kindness that they deserve. Good nurses always know that their respected patients aren’t just suffering from injuries, but they are autonomous persons with hopes, dreams, and aspirations, which need to be valued.

8. Good Interpersonal Skills

Almost all Nursing Careers include interacting with doctors, patients, and other team members. As a great nurse, you’re a liaison connecting the complex puzzle for every care member. Therefore, good nurses have the excellent interpersonal skills that are needed to work efficiently.

9. Problem-Solving Skills

Problem-solving skills are important in the nursing career because nurses typically have one-on-one time with their patients & are responsible for decision-making related to patient care most of the time. If they lack problem-solving skills, it can result in disasters. 

10. Flexible

Flexibility may be important for every job, but some positions, like nursing, demand it more compared to others. You might have to work nights or weekends and holidays, too. Plus, you will have insufficient time for your family or friends sometimes. To handle this all, you need to be flexible.

11. Honesty

Nurses are considered the most trustworthy professionals all over the world. And dishonest behavior like lying can destroy your trust completely in the nursing career and make your personal brand of zero worth. Mistakes can happen, and if you have made a mistake, just apologize and look for a solution.

12. Ability to Multitask

The industry of healthcare is the busiest environment you may ever work in. Also, there are endless things that need to happen & sometimes, it may feel like you are falling behind. So, you have to be a multitasking person to fit into different scenarios efficiently.

13. Strong Moral Compass

Having a powerful moral compass is also a very important quality. Healthcare experts need to have a very strong moral compass as they have to abide by standards set in place to guarantee the patients’ safety. Also, you have to be confident enough to follow the rules nicely.

14. Perseverance 

Preserving undeniably makes you want to keep working hard. It is one of the fantastic abilities of a great nurse because it demonstrates the capabilities of the nurses to fight self-doubt and work through hard challenges to offer exceptional patient care.

15. Confidence

Confident and independent nurses work with professionalism, excitement, and curiosity. Nurses who are super confident in their capabilities are known for their thought leadership, nursing innovation, and stronger clinical practice. Never be afraid to ask any questions to your seniors.

16. Willingness to Learn

Of all the attributes of a great nurse, the willingness and desire to learn are the most important. Nurses need to show a great willingness to learn by pursuing new skills actively or developing their clinical practice experiences. This helps them throughout their nursing career.

17. Dependability

Dependability means doing your job consistently in an efficient way. It may seem simple, but it absolutely needs some skills. Dependability in nursing needs balancing the basic needs of coworkers, members of an interdisciplinary team, employers, and patients.

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