15 Best States to Work as a Nurse

15 Best States to Work as a Nurse

Once you successfully earn the Nurse license, the entire world is undeniably your oyster, and there are endless opportunities waiting for you. Being a registered and skilled nurse, you can work as a staff nurse, a travel nurse, and also one working on a contract basis. 

When it comes to the available Nursing Jobs, every state varies. In fact, the facility satisfaction, cost of living, and salary earned differ, too. There are 2.4 million healthcare job opportunities expected in the U.S. over the very next decade. While a lot of factors contribute to the medical attention demand in America, some conditions tend to be more prevalent in particular states than others.

With this enlightening information, it’s no surprise that this expected increase in jobs clearly reflects newly created work nationwide. Let’s explore the top 15 states to work as a nurse.

 Best States to Work as a Nurse – 15 Outstanding Options

1. California

California provides highly desirable places to live & work. It not only ranks first among the top 50 states of the best salaries but also its ethnic and racial group forms the most diverse nursing environment and workforce in the nation.

Weighted Average Score – 103.3

Average Annual R.N. Salary – $120,560

2. Washington

The nurses of Washington earn higher salaries than average in most of the other states. They pay even more for basic necessities like transportation, food, and housing. Anyhow, when adjusted for the cost of living, the salaries of nursing remain very close to the average ones on the national level.

Weighted Average Score – 94.5

Average Annual R.N. Salary – $91,310

3. New York

This state incredible offers something exciting, from the Big Apple to gorgeous upstate landscapes. Also, nurses seeking to work in this state can easily expect the highest job growth rates through 2030 & even higher salaries compared to the other major parts of the country.

Weighted Average Score – 92

Average Annual R.N. Salary – $89,760

4. Texas

Texas offers nurses a favourable employment market, access to a diversified workforce, and a low cost of living. When taking into account the cost of living, the state’s pay for registered nurses is in the 90th percentile.

Weighted Average Score – 91.6

Average Annual R.N. Salary – $76,800

5. Arizona

Arizona State offers a welcoming environment and the best opportunities for nurses. The popularity and growing population of Arizona with the baby boomers have contributed to enlarging employment opportunities. The adjusted cost of living, and nursing salaries, rank among the best ten states.

Weighted Average Score – 91.3

Average Annual R.N. Salary – $80,380

6. Delaware

While it is true that Delaware is one of the smallest U.S. states, its convenient position within the northeastern metropolitan region makes it an attractive destination for nurses to settle down. Anyhow, the R.N. salaries generally rank a little lower compared to the national average. 

Weighted Average Score – 90.1

Average Annual R.N. Salary – $74,330

7. Colorado

As the population of Colorado expands, the demand for nurses also continues to outstrip the supply. By the next decade, job seekers can expect the projected employment rate in the nursing career. R.N. salaries usually rank 16th in the U.S.

Weighted Average Score – 89.8

Average Annual R.N. Salary – $77,860

8. Massachusetts

Massachusetts is undeniably one of the most considerable states to work as a passionate nurse. Nurses in this state earn the 4th highest average salaries in the whole nation, which assists in offsetting the high living cost easily.

Weighted Average Score – 89.6

Average Annual R.N. Salary – $96,250

9. Maryland

Powerful employment prospects highly contribute to its ranking of Maryland among the best states. Projections also estimate a huge increase in R.N.s in the very next decade, with the best high rates of all-inclusive positions per population.

Weighted Average Score – 89.5

Average Annual R.N. Salary – $81,590

10. Nevada

The state of Nevada is a popular destination for nurses because of its high salary, diversified population, and the increasing number of job opportunities for nurses of all specialities. Nurses in Nevada may have higher costs of living than those in other states, but their salaries are second highest in the U.S. after adjusting for inflation.

Weighted Average Score – 89.3

Average Annual R.N. Salary – $89,750

11. Illinois

Nursing is a growing field in Illinois, and the state has long been at the forefront of the industry. In 1880, the first nursing school in the Midwest was established, named the “Illinois Training School” in Springfield. It is also the best option to consider for nurses.

Median salary: $77,580

Cost of living index: 90.5

12. Minnesota

This state has incredibly solid rankings in almost every category & is respected for its reputable history of contributions to the high advancements of medicine and nursing. 

Median salary: $79,100

Cost of living index: 99.6

13. Ohio

In 1904, this state introduced nursing job opportunities. The Ohio State Association of Nurses worked to secure the advancements of the nursing career & to enhance the standards of education for nurses.

Median salary: $74,080

Cost of living index: 92.9

14. Wisconsin

This state is in the middle of the pack in the rankings overall, pushing the Midwestern state efficiently into the 14th spot in the top 15. Public health and child welfare are nice recurring themes in the nursing history of the state.

Median salary – $76,560

Cost of living index – 95.5

15. North Carolina

In 1903, this state passed the first law of the nation to permit nurses to become licensed. This greatly reinforced the proficient stature of nurses, and many more opportunities were introduced to them.

Median salary – $72,220

Cost of living index – 96.4

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